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This course was everything I wanted and more! I will definitely would want to work with Limini in the near future. Parisa :) - Parisa Abbasi

My husband and I have just returned from a great training session with Limini. The day proved to be very comprehensive, and would highly recommend anyone looking to start a coffee shop to attend one of these training days even if you think you've thought of everything I can bet that you haven't! Great to also bounce the ideas around.The templates, spreadsheets and manuals will prove most valuable for not only the business start up but very beneficial when pulling together business plans.Who knew there was so much behind a cup of gorgeous Limini coffee! Thanks Youri for your invaluable time yesterday. Tracy and Dave

I ordered 10 coffee sacks early this week. They arrived yesterday. Very prompt service. Thank you. - Alix Warland

Why has it taken me so long? A few years ago, I attended a one-day Barista Training course and was very impressed by Vicki and what she taught me. She was very clear and precise about how to make the perfect coffee. There is clearly more to this than I had first thought - it is both an art and a science. Vicki also took us through the different countries of origin and the blends of coffee that they roast and supply, and this is why my question, Why has it taken me so long? has now to be answered. Simply put, I have made a mistake by not ordering before, and have only just put this right. I cannot now wait for my delivery! I am sure that the quality of training, together with my memory of the differing blends will be as good as it was those few years ago. My only concern is that I will not have Vicki guiding me, ensuring that I make the best coffee possible. - David Howarth

So glad I have found this 'coffee' company. First rate website, service and communication. Most importantly first rate coffee! - Edwin Pugh

Love Limini coffee - been using them for a number of years now. Delivery always quick and coffee always very recently roasted. Colombia Medellin is our go to but we have tried nearly all varieties. Keep up the good work Limini! - Rob Melhuish

Ordered the El Salvador single origin for next day delivery. Got lucky and dialled it in pretty close to spot on straight away! Very happy with the taste of this particular coffee and will definitely recommend Limini to other coffee lovers. - Craig Reilly

Single origin Columbian is our bean of choice, always perfectly roasted and delivered as expected - and our Post Lady (who doesn't drink coffee) loves the aroma in her van! - Bob Newstead

Excellent coffee and so easy to re order - David Tomlinson

What a great company. I have been ordering from them for well over a year now, having switched from a coffee subscription with one of the big London-based firms with whom there were ongoing issues. I have never had an issue in all the times I have ordered from Limini: the opposite in fact. On one occasion I had overpaid for my order, and hadn’t even noticed. Someone rang me to point this out, and I opted for a credit note against my next order. A month later, I submitted my order and -hey presto- the credit automatically applied. The company may not have as many coffees as some to choose from, but what they do have caters to a variety of tastes - medium or dark roast, African or South American: you’ll find something you like. The quality of the beans is consistently good, and represents excellent value for money. Postage options are handy too, and include a free next-day service amongst other options. My orders have always been dispatched with impressive promptness. I would highly recommend this company if, like me, you grind and brew at home, want excellent service with good value thrown in. - Sarah Hunter


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