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Find us    Email us     01274 911 419
Find us    Email us     01274 911 419
Limini Coffee
The start of Limini Coffee

Our story started way before we set up in 2008 when husband and wife team Youri and Samantha set up shop in the UK after travelling the world together.

After working in various coffee shops and coffee companies they decided on setting up Limini Coffee as they felt there was a market for a friendly professional coffee roaster who truly believes in looking after the customer.

We are fuelled by espresso and driven by customer happiness!

Limini Coffee Roastery
A small passionate team

Limini Coffee is a friendly small team of passionate caring people who ensure that delicious freshly roasted coffee is being delivered daily throughout the UK.

Today, Limini supplies speciality coffee all over the UK to our lovely customers and run courses every single day at our training centre and roastery in West Yorkshire.

We would just like to say thank you to our wonderful team, we couldn't do it without you!


Our general manager, Vicki

love what you do
Our world - lets preserve it!

We are passionate about our world, it is a wonderful place to live! And we strongly believe that any business should try and do their best to ensure the carbon footprint is minimal. Here at Limini we do our best to preserve our environment.

One of our biggest achievements has been the investment of our new roasters which use 80% less gas compared to traditional roasters... now that is amazing!

We also:

  • buy renewable energy
  • recycle all that we can
  • run a 99% paperless office
  • use only biodegradable filling for packaging
  • encourage our suppliers to cut out plastic as much as possible
  • order in bulk to reduce transport cost
  • use paper tape instead of plastic tape
  • re-use coffee waste
World Coffee Research

We PROUDLY support the World Coffee Research. We think that they are doing a fantastic job working for the sustainability of coffee.

We donate a percentage of every single bean that you order from us to the World Coffee Research.


The Roastery
Unit 6 Luddite Way Business Park
Rawfolds Way
BD19 5DQ
West Yorkshire
United Kingdom

Coffee roaster

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