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The best coffee cups for a coffee shop

Having delicious coffee is of course super important. Serving this amazing coffee in the right cup however is just as important and we therefore recommend to have a really good search for the perfect cup range (we like the NotNeutral range). Here are some things that we think are key:

  • the size is paramount - see our size guide
  • a round shape is usually preferred for most milk based drinks - they feel so cozy
  • the handle should be large enough for the thickest fingers
  • the cup should be easy to clean
  • thick cups hold their heat really well
  • the cup should look larger than it really is
Flat white
What are the recommended sizes?

This is certainly something that comes down to your preferences as a coffee shop owner.
We have our favourite set up here.

Espresso 3oz single / double shot
Americano / Long Black 8oz double shot
Flat White 6oz double ristretto
Caffe Latte 8oz short double
Cappuccino 8oz double shot
Caffe Mocha 8oz short double
Piccolo Latte 5oz single shot
Cortado 5oz double shot
Large (maybe) 12oz double shot


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