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We love coffee and really do enjoy supplying you with coffee beans from all over the world which we offer at amazing prices.

We source, develop and roast coffees that are ethically sourced and of the speciality grade and are utterly delicious.

Whether you are buying coffee for your business or for at home, we would love to help you out.

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Youri the owner seems a genuine bloke with a vast knowledge of coffee. He manages to roast the coffee sympathetically to the individuals beans nuances. He advised me on some good low acidity single origin coffee's to use for pour overs. I placed my order and even in these extraordinary times I received my beans 2 days later. Once I dialed in the correct grinder and brew ratio I have produced a wonderful coffee from the Brazilian Beans. I also bought Guatemala and Kata Blend which I have frozen to be tried at a later date. Please support this superior coffee roaster so that he is still trading once normality returns. - Andrew
Limited Edition
Limited Edition

When we say limited we mean limited. Our team blind cups this coffee from a table of rare and limited coffees. Something that we think you will enjoy and that is interesting.

Limited Edition Colombia Geisha


This coffee is sweet with a really good plummy body and floral and fruity notes of peach especially in the aromatics.

Roast level 4

Peaches Fruits Plums

3 / 5
4 / 5
2 / 5
Reserve, roast & post

We roast this coffee only to order. Once we have enough orders to roast this coffee we will roast it to order and dispatch it to you so you might receive this coffee in a separate delivery.

Limited Edition - Colombia Geisha

Colombia Geisha

Geisha is a varietal of coffee which is quite special. Named after the region in Ethiopia where this coffee tree is from, the coffee is extremely popular due to its unique flavours.

The Geisha tree requires special love and attention. Diego has a meticulous growing technique to produce a coffee that is truly special. There is a very limited production. The small amount of coffee, the extreme attention to detail and the hard work all adds to the cost of production but we hope you feel that it is worth the effort!

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Diego Samuel was born in Bolivar, Cauca has dedicated the last 13 years of his life to growing coffee and to also gaining a deep understanding and knowledge on the processing and production of high-end specialty coffee that is almost unparalleled in the unique flavour and profiles produced.

As part of a tight knit family Diego works on their farm in Cauca with his wife, two daughters and two brothers. Together they are involved on the pursuit of continual learning and striving to achieve the next level with their processing. They built their own lab on the farm to firstly understand about cupping and roasting so they could then start to curate their own fermentation protocols for them to begin experimenting with. These experiments and novel approach to coffee have allowed to him to soar and exceed winning several awards from 2015 onwards.

As well as being an accomplished cupper Diego has also achieved the CQI level 2 processing course qualification which allowed him to get a base for seeing how cup profiles could be guided depending on micro-organisms, ph and temperature. With his partner Wilton Renso Benitez he is part of Indestec who are at the vanguard of coffee processing.

The Villa Esperanza - Paraiso farm in El Tambo, Cauca sits at 1700 masl and covers 27 ha of land and is planted with Castillo, Colombia, Caturra and Geisha. The farm focuses on technology and the critical processes that and intricate in producing coffee of this mark. From the selection to the meticulous drying which is done in a way to mitigate the changeable climatic conditions allowing them to replicate coffees of such high standards.

This Geisha lot has undergone a detailed and meticulous 9 step process leading to the exquisite results in the cup.

1. Picking of ripe coffee cherries (90%) and semi ripe coffee cherries (10%) Picking date:third week March 2020.

2. Cherry washed with sterilised water to decrease microbial contamination

3. First phase of fermentation in cherry for 60 hours in tanks with pressure relief valve (2 bar) at a temperature of 18 degrees Celsius.

4.Coffee is then de-pulped and floated

5. Second phase of fermentation is anaerobic for 36 hours at 18 degrees Celsius.

6. Thermal shock wash - this phase is though to transfix the secondary flavour development that had occurred in the fermentation

7. First:Washed in water at 35 degrees centigrade.

8. Second:Washed in water at 12 degrees centigrade.

9. Controlled drying for 29 hours, with air re-circulation at a temperature of 35 degrees Celsius and a relative humidity of 25%, until reaching a grain humidity between 10% and 11%.


Limited Edition Jamaica Blue Mountain


This coffee is super easy to drink as it is balanced and well rounded.

Roast level 4

Fruits Florals

3 / 5
4 / 5
2 / 5
Reserve, roast & post

We roast this coffee only to order. Once we have enough orders to roast this coffee we will roast it to order and dispatch it to you so you might receive this coffee in a separate delivery.

Limited Edition - Jamaica Blue Mountain

Jamaica Blue Mountain

This is genuine grade 1 roasted to order Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee. It is pricey but you must give it a go!

This coffee is from the Baron Estate which is owned by the Minott family of Mandeville, Jamaica. The farm is about 56 ha with 27 ha dedicated to growing coffee.

The climate and soil is really well suited for growing the finest coffee and the Minott family have been growing coffee for over 70 years.

The clouds offer natural 'shade' and the low temperature and humidity help with the slow maturation of the coffee beans.

The skilled pickers go back to each tree twenty times to ensure the cherries are harvested at the peak times.

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