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Limini Coffee
Limini Coffee
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We love coffee and really do enjoy supplying you with coffee beans from all over the world which we offer at amazing prices.

We source, develop and roast coffees that are ethically sourced and of the speciality grade and are utterly delicious.

Whether you are buying coffee for your business or for at home, we would love to help you out.

Next Day Coffee

We aim to dispatch the same day for next day delivery. Deliveries are made with DPD and Royal Mail. You can also collect from our roastery.

View our delivery charges here.

Curious about resting / the age of our coffee? Click here for more info.

Buy coffee online
This coffee is amazing. I discovered it in our local coffee shop, but I wanted some which was ground for cafetière so I ordered online. I ordered 2 bags, which were both delicious (Kata and Liscio), and they even sent some biscuits with them which was a lovely surprise. Really fresh and full of flavour, and I’m looking forward to trying some different ones next time too. Thank you :) - E Schoolbraid
Tools & Brewing

A great range of tools for making coffee.

Chemex 6-cup
Chemex 6-cup

The Chemex brews stylishly and delicious clean filter coffee. The tick filter papers result in clarity and a smooth coffee with very little bitterness. Filter papers NOT included.

£41.05 + vat

Chemex 6-cup filters
Chemex filter papers (100)

Cone shape ensures uniform extraction for pure coffee flavour, while the speciality paper design keeps bitter elements, oils and grounds in their place (and out of the cup)

£9.05 + vat

Moka Pot 3-cup
MOKA Pot 3-cup

High quality Moka Pots for crafting traditional Italian espresso. Eight sided shape diffuses heat evenly to enhance the aroma and taste of the coffee. To clean just rinse in hot soapy water, with the right care this durable unit will keep making rich, authentic espresso for years after purchase.

£11.25 + vat

Espro Travel Mug

For people who love coffee, and want to take it with them anywhere, ESPRO offer the Travel Press. Built from vacuum-insulated stainless steel that keeps drinks warm for hours, the Travel Press features the ESPRO patented double micro-filter which creates a clean, rich flavour without any grit left over in your drink. Brews up to 12oz of coffee and holds 15oz as a travel mug.

£27.63 + vat

HARIO V60 size 02 - white plastic
HARIO V60 size 02 - white plastic

The V60 brewer must be one of the most popular methods for brewing coffee. The 60 degrees angle and large hole just brews delicious coffee.

Hario from Japan, is probably the most amazing V60 brewer. We have chosen a V60 of size 2 in a white plastic. Plastic, because, this brews really nice as the heat is kept well within the brew and it makes it easy to transport.

£4.73 + vat

Hario V60 paper filters 02 dripper 40 sheets unbleached
HARIO V60 size 02 (40)

No bleach used. Please rinse paper before use.

Dimensions: 175mm top corner to corner

£3.07 + vat

Aeropress coffee maker
Aeropress Coffee Maker

Many years ago, we were asked to review a new kind of brewer: the Aerobie Aeropress. Now, the Aeropress has become one of the most popular brewers in the world.

Comes with 350 filters.

£31.92 + vat

Filter papers (350)

£5.53 + vat

Bodum cafetiere 3 cup
Bodum Cafetiere

The popular and easy method to produce coffee at home. Just add your coffee and water and brew at your heart's content.

3 cup - 0.35 L, 12 OZ

£20.85 + vat

8 cup - 1.0 L, 34 OZ

£31.35 + vat

IngenuiTEA Loose Tea Infuser Brewer 450ml
IngenuiTEA Loose leaf tea brewer - 470ml

Brew our loose leaf tea with this super easy to use tea brewer. Simply add your tea, fill with hot water and once brewed, placed the loose leaf tea brewer on top of your cup or glass.

The tea will filter through the filter straight into the cup.

- Dish washer safe

- BPA-free plastic

- fits cups up to 9.5cm in diameter

£16.45 + vat

Espresso brewing jug
Espresso Brewing Jug

Use an espresso brewing jug to pour espressos in directly from the espresso machine. Great use for making latte macchiatos.

£3.53 + vat

Teflon coated milk jug
Milk Jug (black teflon)

Our milk jugs have excellent spouts for latte art and the teflon coating prevents milk from sticking.


£10.34 + vat


£12.46 + vat


£15.61 + vat

Edged foaming milk jug
Milk Jug (with etched measurements)

Stainless steel milk jugs with defined spout for great latte art AND etched measurements.


£7.51 + vat


£8.47 + vat

Thermometer for barista

Easy to read thermometers that come with a clip so you can connect it easily to your milk jug.

£6.64 + vat

Barista tamper

Tradition manual tampers. Use the 53mm tampers for La Spaziale machines.


£14.45 + vat


£14.45 + vat

Motta 53mm levelling tool
Coffee levelling tool by Motta

This 53mm black levelling tool is used to evenly distribute the coffee grounds BEFORE you tamp the coffee. The result is a more even extraction and better espresso. Please note that this is NOT a tamper.


£26.95 + vat

Dynametric tamper
Dynametric tamper 53mm

For La Spaziale machines.

This dynametric tamper ensures you tamp consistently with the right pressure AND level.


£58.30 + vat

Tamping stand
Tamping stand

Prevent coffee from touching the spouts of the group handle with our tamping stands.

£22.48 + vat

Shot glass
Shot glass

Lined shot glasses for calibrating or pulling shots into.

£3.06 + vat

Puly caff group head cleaning powder
Group head cleaning powder (900g)

Puly Caff cleaning powder is used for back flushing your espresso machine.

£8.78 + vat

Puly caff descaler
Puly Descaler 2 X 125ML

A fast-acting descaler for domestic machines. Ideal for descaling the tank of a domestic espresso machine or a kettle. Product does not affect rubber seals and leaves no traces or odours.

£7.21 + vat

Group head cleaning brush
Group Head Brush

The group head brush is great for cleaning the rubber seal that surrounds the group head shower block.

£3.18 + vat

Backflushing disc
Back-flushing Disc

Used for back-flushing the group heads of your espresso machine.

£1.10 + vat

Shot timer
Shot Timer

Great tool for timing your shots or your work speed.

£9.28 + vat

Digital barista scales
Digital Scales

Large stainless steel platform, four easy to use function buttons and a green backlit display for a clear view

£32.95 + vat

Knock out drawer Knock out drawer
Knock out drawer

Seat your grinder on top of this premium quality knock box without the grinder tray, you can then simply sweep away any loose coffee grounds through the holes and into the drawer. Ventilation holes mean loose coffee from the grinder on top can be swept away with the added benefit that you will never have mouldy coffee pucks again.

Dimensions: H: 106 x W: 258 x D: 382mm


£86.52 + vat


£53.96 + vat

Knock out tube
Knock out tube

Floor standing knock out tube - commercial grade. The tube is 86cm tall.

£65.73 + vat

Pitcher rinser
Pitcher rinser

A pitcher rinser sits in the worktop close to your espresso machine and connects to the water supply. When you place your milk pitcher on top and press it down a spray of water will clean your jugs quickly and efficiently.

The pitcher is 210mm long, 190mm wide and 22mm deep. The water inlet is a 3/8 John Guest connection.

£39.95 + vat

Spare disk

£5.15 + vat

Vacuum Can
Vacuum Can (Large)

Keep tea or coffee beans fresh. Mechanism works by simply pressing the button on the cap, which forces air out and creates a perfect seal. Ideal for home use, small cafes, sending samples or cupping sessions.

Capacity estimates: 340g whole coffee beans / 500g loose leaf tea.

£13.20 + vat

1kg matt coffee bag with seal
Coffee bag - EMPTY - 1kg - matt - with valve

£0.43 + vat

Coffee bag - EMPTY - 500g - matt - with valve

£0.43 + vat

1kg white coffee bag with seal
Coffee bag - EMPTY - 1kg - white - with valve

£0.43 + vat

Coffee bag - EMPTY - 500g - white - with valve

£0.43 + vat

250g white coffee bag with seal
Coffee bag - EMPTY - 250g - white - with valve

£0.43 + vat

250g matt coffee bag with seal
Coffee bag - EMPTY - 250g - matt - with valve

£0.43 + vat

250g kraft coffee bag with seal
Coffee bag - EMPTY - 250g - kraft - with valve

£0.43 + vat

1kg kraft coffee bag with seal
Coffee bag - EMPTY - 1kg - kraft - with valve

£0.43 + vat

Coffee bag - EMPTY - 500g - kraft - with valve

£0.43 + vat

250g kraft clear coffee bag
Retail bag - EMPTY - 250g - kraft / clear - NO valve

£0.43 + vat

70g coffee bag
Retail bag - EMPTY - 70g - matt black - NO valve

£0.26 + vat

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