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Find us    Email us     01274 911 419
Limini Coffee
Lever Espresso coffee machines
Lever Espresso coffee machines

Wholesale Coffee

Coffee shops, cafes, hotels, restaurants and everybody else serving coffee require the highest quality coffee and need passionate experienced baristas. This is achieved by passion, training and support.

We believe that as a coffee roaster and supplier we can help you with serving stunning coffees all day long.

friendly people - easy to work with - reliable & consistent


Professional, Friendly & Reliable

We supply wholesale coffee to hundreds of businesses serving coffee all over the UK and work with small independents as well as larger coffee operations. Coffee shops, delis, restaurants, garden centers, hotels, sandwich bars all enjoy our coffee and we work hard to offer a personal yet professional friendly service.


We roast coffee every day

Our absolute focus is on the supply of our coffee wholesale to the coffee world in the UK. We very much enjoy helping businesses serve delicious coffee and do our best to ensure we deliver a top notch service every day.

As a coffee roaster we roast every day throughout the week using the best coffee roaster on the market.

Wholesale coffee

Founded in 2008 by husband and wife team Samantha and Youri, our experience comes from working in and running coffee shops.

We have been looking after wholesale coffee customers for over 15 years.

Wholesale training courses

Wholesale coffee and support

Training and support by our experienced and friendly team.

support our coffee growers with every cup you serve

beautiful range of equipment

complementary training

first class friendly professional customer service

online wholesale ordering portal

We can help

We have helped many people with the start of their coffee shops and even run a dedicated course on starting a coffee shop.

Our work with existing shops leads to customer satisfaction, more compliments and ultimately higher coffee sales.

On-going training for you and your team.

Wholesale training courses
Project Waterfall child
Ethically sourced coffee

High quality, ethically sourced coffee from growers who know what they are doing. We closely work with the best importers to ensure you have delicious coffee that we roast consistently throughout the year.

From Brazil to Indonesia, our offering comes from all over the world.

We have strong environmental practises and work hard to do our best for the world and the people in it.

We also collect donations during the checkout and will match the total donations to support coffee charities at origin.

For every coffee that we sell we donate to the World Coffee Research program. This program helps coffee farmers to improve their livelyhood and ultimately make a better living out of growing coffee.

One of the charities that we support is Project Waterfall. We do this by collection charity beans during the checkout and we then match the amount that has been donated by our lovely customers.

Meet us for a coffee!

The best way to start a healthy relationship is over a friendly chat over a delicious cup of Limini.

Ask for Vicki (or Youri) and tell us all about your plans.
We would love to hear about it!

Let's have coffee!


Ready to set up your wholesale account? apply here


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