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We love coffee and really do enjoy supplying you with coffee beans from all over the world. We source, develop and roast coffees that are ethically sourced and of the speciality grade.

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Flavoursome, smooth and aromatic coffees that are a real pleasure to brew.

We hope you will enjoy buying your coffee beans online from us. Thank you.

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We aim to dispatch the same day for next day delivery. Free delivery when you spend £50 or more.

Deliveries are made with DPD and Royal Mail. Royal Mail is only available if the order weight is below 1.9 KG.

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Limini Tea

We are passionate about great coffee but tea is also really, really important. So, we have a great range of fresh delicious teas sourced from all over the world. Loose leaf and pyramid tea bags.

Limini Tea English Breakfast
Limini Tea | English Breakfast

A blend of teas grown from different parts of the world. The Kenyan creates the colour, Assam the strength and the depth comes from the Ceylon.

25 bags £6.12

250g £5.24

1kg £18.90

Limini Tea Earl Grey
Limini Tea | Earl Grey

A classic blend from India, China and Seylon with hints of bergamot. Like the English Breakfast Blend this tea can be brewed with or without milk and enjoyed throughout the day.

25 bags £6.12

250g £7.86

1kg £28.30

Limini Tea Jasmine
Limini Tea | Jasmine

To ensure the Jasmine flower's scent is strong the flowers are picked at dusk and then layered with green tea leaves overnight. The green tea leaves absorb the sweetness and aroma of the Jasmine flower, producing a tea that will awaken your senses.

25 bags £6.12

250g £8.23

1kg £28.30

Limini Tea Rooibos
Limini Tea | Rooibos

This caffeine-free tea from South Africa is rather unique in flavour and brews a wonderful colourful tea.

25 bags £6.12

250g £13.08

1kg £51.75

Limini Tea Darjeeling
Limini Tea | Darjeeling

From the Darjeeling district in West Bengal, India. A light bodied drink that produces an orange coloured tea.

25 bags £6.12

250g £12.22

1kg £47.15

Limini Tea Chamomile
Limini Tea | Chamomile

A light and refreshing tea made from 100% pure dried chamomile blossoms. This aromatic tea is ideal for afternoons and late evenings.

25 bags £6.12

250g £12.14

Limini Tea Peppermint
Limini Tea | Peppermint

Aromatic and popular and beautifully green.

25 bags £6.12

250g £7.23

1kg £27.98

Limini Tea Green
Limini Tea | Green Tea

This large leaf with tip green tea from China brews a delicious light green tea with sweet and slightly nutty notes.

25 bags £6.12

250g £8.08

1kg £31.30

Limini Tea Chai
Limini Tea | Chai

This Indian Spiced Chai with pieces is a blend from India, China, Sri Lanka and Guatemala. A large leaf tea mixed with cut pieces of bark and ginger chunks that brews a rich, full spicy tea.

25 bags £6.12

250g £14.66

1kg £58.12

Limini Tea Red Berry
Limini Tea | Red Berry

This flavoured infusion is from Germany and brews a deep red cup with fruity flavours of red berries and sweet jam.

25 bags £6.12

250g £9.67

1kg £37.95

Limini Tea Lemon Ginger

Limini Tea | Lemon & Ginger

A ginger and citrus sweet tea from Spain, China and India.

25 bags £6.12

250g £7.86

1kg £28.30

Limini Tea Decaf
Limini Tea | Decaf Breakfast

Our Decaf Breakfast leaf is a straight Ceylon Leaf tea that goes through the co2 method of decaffeination. This is the best method to use, as other methods involve using chemicals to strip it of the caffeine.

25 bags £6.12

250g £4.56

1kg £12.47

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