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This training day was absolutely fantastic and Vicki was an incredible teacher!! We arrived not knowing much about coffee and have left with a lot of knowledge about coffee overall. This is including, but not limited to, the coffee roasting process, how to make different types of coffees using different methods, coaching on latte art and how to work with different coffee machines. There was also an in depth tour of the warehouse, how Limini roast their coffee beans and we were allowed to get hands on in the production process. We wanted to feel more confident working with coffee in a business environment and we left happily achieving all the goals we set together at the beginning of the course. Any questions we had at the beginning of the day have all been answered with demonstrations where it was possible! All the staff were so friendly and welcoming and we were given a very tasty lunch (and obviously as much coffee as we could drink.) The training course went above and beyond what we expected and I heavily recommended it and Vicki's coaching to anyone who wants to improve their coffee knowledge/coffee making skills. It has given me a newfound love of coffee and has inspired us to want to learn more (with Vicki's recommendations of good books and materials to learn from.) - Anna Price

Had a fantastic day at the learning centre Vikki was amazing in her knowledge. Would recommend I will be sending my son and partner thank you so much Vikki . - Jamie davis

We would like to thank Youri and his team for a fantastic experience on their coffee shop course yesterday. Everyone was very professional and welcoming from the time we arrived until we left. Youri was with us all day, which was great as he has a wealth of knowledge! We were shown how to make coffee properly then got the chance to make a lot of coffee to help us get it right. We were shown every step of the coffee roasting process, and could see the hard work and detail that goes into Limini products. It is rare that you find someone with such a well run business willing to impart a lot of their knowledge to help people learn. This shows that he cares not only about furthering his own business, but the industry as a whole. We will definitely be back for more soon! Jason and Alex

We were initially greeted by friendly staff, who assisted us throughout the day. Our small group made the day enjoybale and very hands-on. We learnt about different types of coffee, how to care for your machinary and the entire process from start to finish. Information was distributed throughout the day, allowing time to practice new skills inbetween. And the best part was the instructor. Youri with his wealth of knowledge and witty sense of humour was kind, understanding and provided useful feedback to improve our barrista skills. Overall, a wonderful experience that was well worth the travel, highly recommended. - Var and Sam

Absolutely amazing company. The money I spent for 1 too 1 course, was the best spent money ever. Vicki is full pure profesjonalne knowledge. Her flexible way to pass this knowledge to her students is absolutely amazing. Even for a moment I didn't feel like being on the course more like on the meeting with friend, and then I took with me back home huge package of knowledge. Absolutely AAA+ rate. Well done. - Jaroslaw

About two weeks ago it was my professional pleasure to benefit from Youri's two day program on how to open and run a coffee shop. It is extremely rare to come across someone with such extensive knowledge, enthusiasm, honesty and humility. Youri is a giant in the industry without even knowing it and will forever be my role model and inspiration going forward. Huge thanks Youri and Vicki. Warmest regards Ian - Ian Jones

I recently completed the one-on-one How to start a coffee shop course, which was an incredible experience. I had many questions and doubts, but Vicky's teaching method was amazing, and I returned feeling fully satisfied with a newfound confidence. What I particularly appreciated about the course was how well-balanced it was between practical and theoretical aspects. Vicky was able to tailor the information specific to my needs and personal project, which made it all the more valuable. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to learn about coffee. Vicky is not only professional and passionate but also a wealth of knowledge. Her endless knowledge and depth of passion for coffee are genuinely inspiring. I can't thank Vicky enough for these two wonderful days of learning, full of helpful information and insights for my future. Her guidance made me more confident and equipped to pursue my coffee shop dream. - Patrizia Falzone

Group training course I picked was absolutely brilliant and value for money. I have learnt a lot in a short period of time, it is a very informative course . Vicki is an amazing tutor with a lot of knowledge and super friendly attitude. Can't recommend highly enough. Thank you so much! Ildiko

Coffee Training workshop today was fab! It was so helpful and informative as well as enjoyable. Vicky made it all seem easy to follow and interesting. Great value for money too, 4 jam packed hours of learning and socialising 😀 - Catherine Waugh

I recently did the 1:1 barista training and absolutely loved it. The staff were all really friendly and full of fab advice. I left fully confident that I could begin my new job in speciality coffee. Can't recommend it enough! - Joel Dungworth


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