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I had the best day at coffee training with Vicky, I learnt so much and my latte art has really improved!!! The day was so fun and went so quickly I didn't want it to end. It was great to learn about grinding and extraction and the behind the scenes workings of a coffee machine too. The coffee standards we sell at our coffee shop have now improved so much since the training and we are really grateful to Vicky for helping us with the knowledge we needed for that - our customers are loving our newly refined coffee skills! Thanks so much! Edmea - Edmea Gori

Limini are a fantastic and unique company - we had a training course with them and it was a brilliant couple of days full of insight, coffee making and all the info you need for the world of coffee and coffee shops. It was fascinating to visit their roastery too and to see what goes on in this part of the coffee production process. Vicki was a great and supportive trainer and I'd highly recommend Limini and their whole team for any training, as well as of course for the coffee itself! - Ben

This is probably one of the best decisions I've made! The team was so helpful on the phone and managed to set up the theory course for me online, which was great as it meant I didn't have to travel 3 hours! The course was very structured and detailed, and Vicki made sure to go through all the bits I didn't get (which was a lot, I'm a total beginner!) so that I understood each part. I cannot recommend this course highly enough if you've got a bit stuck with planning. Plus the resources and the ongoing support are invaluable. Thank you so much! - Samantha

I attended the How to Start a Coffee Shop course with Vicki and it exceeded all my expectations. I have already purchased the property for my coffee shop but have been overwhelmed with everything I need to do to get the business up and running. Vicki broke everything down into manageable chunks, providing her own extensive knowledge and experience along with some amazing (yet simple) spreadsheets and literature to help along the way. She even managed to make VAT interesting! We also discussed coffee, the importance of freshness, roasting, grinding etc and I experienced the art of making the (almost) perfect flat white!. 7 hours flew by and I left yesterday feeling motivated and confident and can't wait to get this coffee shop up and running - and I will be back for some barista and latte art training! Thank you Liimini and especially thank you Vicki. - Kirstie

I had so much fun on the two day 'How to start a coffeeshop 'training, course. The warm welcome, training, and content were outstanding and more than exceeded my expectations, The venue was spotless and fully equipped with everything required to make an awesome coffee. Vicki is a real professional , teaching business training on financial planning , location and turn over, forecasting was brilliantly explained , all my questions were answered clearly. The coffee bean roasting process was fascinating to see and gave me great insight in to just how much goes in to producing the perfect expresso . I finished the course confident in knowing what it takes to start a coffee shop and being able to make an awesome coffee with Latte art ! I am very much looking forward to the journey ahead . A big thank you to Vicki & Youri - - Sharon Hall

Thank you for a brilliant day I had a great time, it was a lovely friendly and no pressure environment ,, I started the day knowing nothing about coffee or how to work a machine, but now feel I,m able to start work in a coffee shop . Thank you very much. - Steven roome wilson

I have just received my 3rd consignment of coffee sacks from Limini Coffee. I am compelled to write that: a) the sacks are always in a great condition b) there is a very good variety of different nationality sacks, all colourful c) the company is a delight to do business with, efficient and you feel that it's staff go the extra mile d) the sacks are great for rustic furniture Thank you all at Limini -I have no connection with the company; just love a good business when I see it! - John Conyngham

Sorry it took a few days to reply. I had a great time on the course! The information given was way above what I was expecting and really helpful. It will take me a while to get my head around all the figures but I feel like I know where to start now and where I am aiming to get to in the future. I am interested in leasing a coffee machine from you, will get in touch again once I have the keys. Lovely staff- felt comfortable sharing my plans, and can't wait for the next course. Great Coffee! Thank you. - Christine Green

My experience at Limini was great, lesson was extremely informative and helpful, and the instructor/manager, Vicki, was lovely, sociable and put me at ease almost immediately. The overall experience has furthered my love for everything coffee and I can't wait to go again. - ilan Smith

Everyone was really welcoming. I would definitely recommend doing the 2 days, it was the perfect blend of theory and practical. Training was delivered by Vicki who was super friendly and educationally there's a lot to learn so her conversational approach made it a great experience. I travelled quite far for this but am glad I made the decision to as I came away with so much more than I had anticipated, overall, it surpassed expectations. Oh and of course their coffee is heavenly! Thank you so much. Amy x


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