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Roast level 7

Pecan Toffee Milk chocolate

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Limini Blend

Roast level 8

Smooth Caramel Dark chocolate

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Rimini Blend

Roast level 9

Smooth Rich Dark chocolate

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Loring Kestrel 35kg
Roasted with a Loring

Smart Roasted by the best roaster on the market

Smoke free & 80% savings on gas

Fresh coffee for longer

Roasted with a Loring
Decaf Coffee

Roast level 8

Smooth Dark chocolate

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Roast level 6

Berry Vanilla Milk chocolate

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Dark Roast

Roast level 9

Smooth Caramel Dark chocolate

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NEW to our single origin coffee range

Costa Rica

Roast level 5

Dark Chocolate Plums Smooth

4 / 5
3 / 5
2 / 5
Costa Rica Tarrazu San Rafael

Coffee Costa Rica

Tarrazu is a world famous coffee growing region known as the Area of the Saints. This Strictly Hard Bean coffee comes from rich volcanic soils in ideal growing conditions.

A washed coffee with a good creamy body and notes of plums and chocolate.

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El Salvador

Roast level 5

Sweet Plums Chocolate

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Roast level 5

Milk Chocolate Nutty Sweet

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Roast level 5

Sweet Nutty Chocolate

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Limited Edition

Buno Coffee Trading is a relatively small exporter who manage 7 washing stations located in the area of Guji in Ethiopia’s southern region. Very high terroir at well over 2000 masl and an abundance of relatively young, healthy trees whose maturation is gradual, means ideal conditions for producing outstanding cup qualities. Producers in the area grow their coffee around the lush forests on the hills and village outskirts under the shade of indigenous trees like Cordia Africana, Acacia and Albizzia.

Buno was established in 2018 and is managed by Mr.Abiyot who oversees the selection of partner farmers, the processing of cherry and the drying practices. Buno is focused on working with farmers with between 8-15 hectares of land which makes quality improvements easier to manage and ensures that produced volumes of cherry can be separated into single producer micro-lots. To ensure that farmers wait to pick only fully ripened cherries, Buno pays farmers a premium of one birr for every kilo delivered after the harvest. Additionally, Buno provides a credit line to farmers during the off-season for harvest related expenses. The loan is then deducted from their payment upon cherry selection, interest free.

The cherry selection we have witnessed at Buno’s sites are by far the best we have seen in Ethiopia. One of Buno’s sites, Dikitu, has 120 raised beds which is are exclusively for processing natural coffees.

The word 'Buliye' means 'boarding' in the Afaan Oromoo language, and is the name of the small village around which coffee produced for this lot comes from. 11 growers contributed coffee to the lot who, on average, how farms of 5 hectares in size. Farmers are paid around 45-50 Ethiopian Birr/kg farm gate price for their cherry. Coffee in the area grows under native shade trees such as false banana, acacia and Wanza. The native soil is fertle volcanic red soil and sandy loam.

The washing station was established in 2005.

Roast level 2

Blueberry Juicy Sweet

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Blend & Roast

Blend & Roast
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Ethiopia Limu

Roast level 5

Fruity Winey Sweet

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Roast level 5

Blackberries Chocolate Sweet

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Roast level 6

Milk Chocolate Nutty

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Since 2008, we have been supplying coffee beans and ground coffee to the UK with customers nationwide. Coffee shops, domestic customers, garden centers, hotels, restaurants and offices have been enjoying buying coffee beans online from us.

Our speciality coffee is roasted by us as we are coffee roasters based in Yorkshire. We work exclusively with Arabica coffee beans and all our coffee is ethically sourced from South America, Central America, Africa and Asia.

What coffee is best?

The first thing to think about is how you are brewing your coffee. Filter coffee is often drunk black or with little milk making it very different compared to espresso coffee. For this reason, filter coffee beans are often roasted lighter as this way the beans work well with the filter brewing method. Brewing an espresso blend as a filter coffee will produce a very strong coffee and brewing a caffe latte with a light single origin will be very mild and sweet.

The best coffee is probably the one that matches your flavour preference. Have a good read at the description of the coffee. Don't worry about the price as we price all our coffees very competitively.

Filter coffee

Coffee descriptions

Putting a flavour into words is not easy. We work hard to match the flavour description to the actual coffee. To make things easier for you we give you certain info about the coffee:

Roast level
the darker the roast the bigger the body, the lower the acidity and the smoother the coffee - this does not always apply though

two or three words that we think describe the flavour quite well - extracted flavours will vary depending on brewing methods and recipes

the mouthfeel and 'weight' of the coffee

the amount of sweetness - this does not always refer to a sugary sweetness

the brightness of the coffee - can be a sourness or sharpness as well

Next Day Coffee Delivery

As we deliver with Royal Mail as well as DPD we give you the option to order little and often keeping your coffee super fresh. Coffee needs to rest after it has been roasted and we do this for you at our roastery.

This way we ensure that your coffee is ready to drink when it arrives and of course we only dispatch coffee that is very fresh. We aim for next day delivery whenever possible making buying your coffee beans online nice and easy.

Filter coffee

What filter brewing method would you recommend?

There are many methods to brew filter coffee such as the cafetiere, Aeropress, V-60 and Chemex. Immersion brewing methods such as the cafetiere (French Press) often produces coffee that has a heavier body and lower clarity.

Drip methods such as V-60 and Chemex often use filter papers and this results in a cleaner and brighter cup - especially the Chemex.

Ground coffee vs roasted beans

We can grind your coffee free of charge. Simply select the type when you buy your coffee beans online.

Buy coffee beans online from us

So please choose your category and enjoy your products from Limini Coffee. Thank you!


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