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Learn more with our advanced barista course

This is a wonderful day for anybody who has a real passion for coffee! If you enjoy brewing coffee after coffee and want to take the next step then you should really book yourself on our advanced barista course.

Prepare yourself to drink so much coffee that you will be flying your way home. You will be going into extreme detail as to all things coffee, especially with the focus on espresso coffee.

This is where we take being a barista to exact science and we weigh coffee as much as possible. We time, we measure and we taste. Be prepared to drink and taste lots and lots of coffee.

Latte art
What you will learn on an advanced course

The course is extremely hands-on and full of various topics. We don't just teach you about the bean but also show you how to present it like a pro.

  • grind adjustments
  • dose settings
  • temperature brewing
  • brew ratios
  • weighing espressos
  • inner workings of espresso equipment
Latte art course
  • latte art
  • alternative brewing methods
  • handling large drinks orders
  • presenting your coffee with presence
  • milk steaming to perfection
  • as a private course, we can cater this course exactly to your needs

As this is a private course with you and our trainer we can cater the advanced barista course for anyone. For the professional barista we can work more on serving the drinks at high speed and receiving the perfect consistency. If you work in the coffee world and often struggle to maintain high standards during busy periods then this course should help you with that.

For the passionate home barista we can focus more on the actual drink making to ensure you have the absolute best coffee at home.

Bottomless porta filter

This course is for people who have an understanding of espresso coffee and have some knowledge with espresso coffee. We don't ask that you are a perfect barista already but some basic knowledge is ideal. Joining this course after a barista course would be ideal.

What does 1-on-1 and 2-on-1 mean?
We only run private courses. Our courses are with you and your party.
For example, a 2-on-1 course means the two of you and our barista trainer. The price is for the total party.
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One day course
Advanced barista training (1-on-1)
£275 + vat


Advanced barista training (2-on-1)
£375 + vat




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