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How to start a coffee shop course

Many people will start a coffee shop without really knowing how to do it and having the background that is needed to get off to a good start. Much is left to chance and hoping it will all work out.

We have started this course because we know how to run successful coffee shops and we have indepth knowledge from all our customers all over the UK.

Customer pouring coffee

Most people who start a coffee shop have no experience with working in a coffee shop which is totally fine and this is when our course will seriously help you and is in our eyes essential.

Our course will help you with the set up of your coffee shop and will provide you with the fundamentals that you need. No need to make the many mistakes that many other people already made.

We were 'probably' the first coffee company to offer and develop the "How to start a coffee shop" course and teach this every single day so you can be assured to be in good hands with us

This is a realistic course that gives you real numbers and not just averages and guess work. We work with the real world of coffee and prepare you for what is really coming.

Key things we focus on:

  • Coffee (of course!)
  • Understanding the financial model and accounting terms such as sales, VAT, gross profit, profit margins and net profit
  • Finding the location that works
  • Layout of your coffee shop

The How to start a coffee shop course is our most popular course

The "How to start a coffee shop" course has been running for years now and we have had many people who are now happy successful coffee shop owners. They tell us that the initial training was very beneficial and we see this when we visit their shops. We teach this course almost on a daily basis.

Considering you usually spend over £20k for a coffee shop, our course is a small investment and well worth the money and the time. At least, that is what our customers tell us. If you want a great start for your new business and you want to enjoy it then this course is the best way to start.

The "How to start a coffee shop" course includes barista training so expect to make lots of coffee, drink lots of coffee, have a good laugh at the same time and learn the essential skills for starting a successful coffee shop.

How to start a coffee shop course

The Two Day How to start a coffee shop course

Book yourself on our two day course and we'll help you take the next steps in your planning. Lets start your rota, your menu, your floor plan, and of course lots more practical coffee making.

We'll help further develop your latte art skills too. After all, practice makes perfect! In addition to recapping the areas covered on day one, we will:

  • Make a start on your rota
  • Help you put your menu together
  • Create a floor plan together
  • Latte Art
  • Handling large drinks orders
  • Alternative brewing methods

What you learn on our How to start a coffee shop course

The How to start a coffee shop course is a one or two day private course. This course is designed to give you an insight in to owning a coffee shop and will be extremely important to your future success for the running of your coffee shop. You will learn all about setting up a business, understanding the finance and paperwork, learn about the right licensing, finding premises, looking for equipment, working out the margins, reaching sales targets and so much more.

We strongly believe that this course is essential for most people who are thinking of starting a coffee shop. And even for those who already have a coffee shop. This is a small investment with amazing results. We have been running this course for years now with many wonderful success stories. We are passionate about helping you to realise your dream.

Student how to start a coffee shop course

I absolutely loved the course, what a great time! I've enjoyed every single moment with Vicki (Cristina Barcelona) She is fantabulous and excellent trainer. I've made loads of different types of coffees and drank a lot. Amazing amazing amazing! I would recommend the course a thousand times. - Cleo

Latte art tulip
Part 1: Coffee

The first part of the course is the barista course. You learn all about coffee and how to make it. We teach to the highest standards and at the end of the course you will be able to produce the most delicious coffees.

You will understand coffee and the equipment. This will help you to understand how you can stand out from the crowd by serving delicious high quality coffee. You will also have a better understanding of the importance of equipment, training and using quality ingredients.

Just completed a '2-day How to open a coffee shop' course with Vicki. An absolutely superb, highly detailed, comprehensive insight into every conceivable aspect of opening a shop from concept ideas and design to property, tax, stock, P&Ls, leases, business plans, licences, employment, health and hygiene, and menus and so much more!...and all delivered by a true expert/guru who has been there/done that and has such a wealth of coffee business experience that was Vicki!

I have learnt so much in these last two days and I now embark on the next phase of my journey, fully informed, aware and armed with or now access to a knowledge bank that is Vicki and Youri that provides me such comfort that I now have the best chance ever of succeeding in my dream. Thank you Vicki, thank you! - Jeremy Pearce

Part 2: Theory

The second part of the 'How to start a coffee shop' course is about everything else that is involved around setting up a successful coffee shop. It covers a lot of topics and we design the course so it can work perfectly with your plans. This is the part that will help you to write a successful business plan.

  • How to work out the gross sales?
  • What do all these terms mean: gross sales, net sales, gross profit, VAT, net profit etc?
  • How to work out the VAT and what is VAT all about?
  • How to work out the profit margin?
  • What net profit can you expect from a coffee shop?
  • Real finance examples of two existing coffee shops
  • Coffee shop accounts in more detail

Always grind fresh

  • How much can you earn with a coffee shop?
  • How to work out how much to sell a coffee or sandwich for?
  • What profit margins should I work at?
  • What about licensing and planning permission?
  • How to talk about leases and how to negotiate the terms?
  • What makes a coffee shop successful?

Loose leaf tea

  • What is a good layout for a coffee shop?
  • How do you design a good rota that works for you and your staff?
  • Where should we position the till and the espresso machine?
  • How can you find a good location?
  • How to create additional income with your coffee shop?
  • How to register as a food establishment?
  • How much does it cost to open a coffee shop?

Coffee training course

  • What kind of equipment should I purchase?
  • What kind of margins are there?
  • How to market a new coffee shop business and how to go about opening your new venture?
  • How to find and manage good staff?
  • What is a good product range to offer?
  • Receive market research such as average spend per customer
  • How to ensure your business runs without you working every single day of the year?
Location of the How to start a coffee shop course

The course is held at our dedicated training centre and roastery in Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire. A relaxed training environment run by passionate experienced and friendly trainers.

We are located just off the M62 motorway and have easy connections to public transport, the M1 and M6 motorways and Manchester and Leeds airport.

Student steaming milk barista
Help with writing a business plan for your coffee shop

Every new and existing business could really benefit from having a business plan. Your business plan for your coffee shop will outline what you will do and where you want to be in the future. The business plan will include a general overview of your coffee shop, a mission statement, sales forecast, cash flow forecast, profit and loss accounts and so much more.

We can help you with writing your business plan for your coffee shop. Not only does the course prepare you significantly for this but you will also have all the tools and industry knowledge to produce a wonderful accurate business plan for your coffee shop. Our figures and models will help you to determine the right margins and hit and forecast realistic targets.

Support after the course

We provide our comprehensive coffee shop support pack with every How to start a coffee shop course.

This pack is full of extremely useful information such as financial spreadsheets for planning rotas, menus and profit margins, cash flow forecast, cleaning rotas, layout examples and so much more. Our spreadsheet has been set up with an example coffee shop with figures that match a real life coffee shop. This will give you a fantastic starting template to work from.

The support pack is updated regularly and you will have access to the latest version at all times. We are of course also here to help you along your journey to realise your dream of opening a coffee shop.

Reviews from our lovely customers

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We only run private courses. Our courses are with you and your party.
For example, a 2-on-1 course means the two of you and our barista trainer. The price is for the total party.
One day course
How to start a coffee shop (1-on-1)
£295 + vat


How to start a coffee shop (2-on-1)
£395 + vat


How to start a coffee shop (3-on-1)
£495 + vat


Two day course
How to start a coffee shop (1-on-1)
£442 + vat


How to start a coffee shop (2-on-1)
£592 + vat


How to start a coffee shop (3-on-1)
£650 + vat


Theory only course
Theory only course (1-on-1)
£220 + vat


Theory only course (2-on-1)
£250 + vat


Theory only course (3-on-1)
£275 + vat



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